The Vultures on Vine

When vine was first launched, it riveted the attention of the world because it had never seen anything like it before When vine was first launched, it riveted the attention of the world because it had never seen anything like it before. The first app of its kind, Vine allowed people to upload 5-second videos and share them with their followers. So, if you’re in a party or maybe at Disneyland with friends, sending out a video rather than posting or tweeting about it seemed far more convenient to people. This proved out to be the sole reason Vine became the go-to social networking platform just a couple months after its release.Even though Vine took the world by storm, it is as far from perfect as anything else.

Pornographic Material

Vine had the fastest transformation ever; from a fun social networking site, to practically a porn site. Even though is provides a platform to some of the most popular online celebrities in the world, they are not the only ones up there. Now, there are people like King Bach or Anwar Jibawi that produce quality content that will most definitely leave you laughing for several hours.

Meanwhile, Vine is also a home to people like Amanda Cerney. Amanda also makes similar videos but it is clear that her videos are more on the mature side of things. As a matter of fact, if you Google Amanda Cerney, you will most probably see her association with Playboy first rather than her Instagram or her Vine profile. She isn’t the only one, there are millions of people that aren’t only associated with porn but also freely upload it on Vine and is available to anyone that knows how to type using a keyboard. With absolutely no restrictions whatsoever including porn, it ended up becoming a home for sex offenders that spread content that isn’t appropriate for people of all ages. As far as the Vine team is concerned, they don’t care whether a person is uploading hair tutorials or that person is uploading child abuse content, the Vine team doesn’t care about either one.

No Restrictions for Minors

Vines’ homepage clearly states that it is a 17+ app, however, the Vine team has incorporated no algorithm to prevent young children from using Vine, making it daily easy for anyone to sign up on Vine within the course of a few minutes. Other than that, Vine also has no filter to prevent teens from watching sensitive material like the one that Twitter has. Moreover, a child doesn’t have to search anything or click anything to find such material; he might just stumble onto it by accident, which proves out to be one of the biggest drawbacks of Vine, hence, making Vine one of the most inappropriate apps for children.

What Can Parents Do?

When a child spends way too much time on Vine, this is concerning for most parents. Physical Monitoring and checking their phones regularly is probably the most direct and convenient way to keep tabs on their child. But, most children don’t take too kindly to parents peeking into their social lives even if it is for their own good. Often, this direct method of surveillance can result to a child feeling like his or her privacy is being invaded. So, this means plan B, indirect surveillance.

Spy apps are the most suitable way for parents to look into their kid’s life without the kid feeling insecure and without making the parents feel guilty about it. Apps like The One Spy allow parents to completely monitor their child’s activity online to the point where parents can see what their child posts, sees or even shares; making sure that you know exactly what your kid is doing at all times and if your child is involved in anything that is inappropriate for anyone of his age, you should talk to him or her and ask them if anyone else persuaded them into doing something bad and in this case the parents should immediately report this to the local authorities.

The Bottom Line

As we have said countless times before and we’ll say it again, social media platforms were created out of good intentions, intentions to make it easier for people to stay in touch and to communicate with one another, to make people coming from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world closer together. But, contrary to those intentions, people exploit social media in ways that suit them best, which means that people will upload content that is not suitable for young ones of the society. Thus, as their parents and guardians, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are safe from harm in all ways.

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